21 Awesome American Cereals 

Cereal is both a breakfast item and a guilty pleasure.

There's not just one type of breakfast cereal.

Discover 21 breakfast cereals that will start your day with a bang.

Frosted Flakes


More than a half century has passed and little has changed with these sugar-coated frosted flakes of corn with one exception – the name.

Honey Nut Cheerios

Despite its nutty name, this cereal doesn’t contain any nuts. Perhaps its popularity is due to the cereal’s sweet almond flavor.


Rice Krispies

Despite its trio of kid-friendly animated elf mascots, Rice Krispies skews less sugary than most breakfast cereals marketed to kids.


Froot Loops

These famous six words spoken by Toucan Sam inspired a generation of Generation X’ers to fill cereal bowls with Froot Loops and slurp the remaining sweet milk until those bowls were empty.


Lucky Charms

Proving that cereal and candy can happily co-exist in the same bowl, each box of Lucky Charms combines oat cereal with colorful marshmallow bits shaped like charms.