20 Iconic New Orleans Restaurants

After visiting NOLA again and again and again, we’ve eaten at enough New Orleans restaurants to have our go-to spots.

Our favorites include down-and-dirty casual eateries as well as dining temples where servers wear jackets and white gloves.

We share our picks for the best restaurants in New Orleans for first-time visitors. 



With its mix of chicken, tasso, and andouille, the restaurant’s deep dark chocolate Gumbo burst with flavors of the Bayou while retaining a luxurious texture that wasn’t overly thick.

Dooky Chase’s

The down-home food is the reason why most people come to this elegant restaurant. And that’s where the senses of taste, touch and smell come to the party.


Liuzza’s by the Track

With a full bar as well as a menu that features burgers, salads, and a full range of seafood plates, it’s more of a neighborhood restaurant.



Ingredients like Burmese pork meatballs, double-smoked bacon, mushrooms, slow poached egg, and jalapeño American cheese seemed to be dumped into the beef broth with no rhyme or reason.


The Camellia Grill

Food here, like the Chili Omelette and Grilled Pecan Pie that we ate during our most recent meal, is solid and straightforward.


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