20 Classic New Orleans Drinks and Drink Experiences

There’s no excuse for being thirsty or sober in New Orleans. Read on to learn about the best New Orleans drinks and discover where to try them all.

Some of the city’s best drinks, like the Sazerac, are classic cocktails while others don’t contain any liquor at all. However, they’ll all cool you down from the Bayou’s unrelenting heat and humidity.

A complex cocktail that’s simultaneously strong, spicy and sweet, the Sazerac is more than a popular cocktail invented in the Crescent City.

1. Sazerac

Relatively low in alcohol, the Grasshopper is creamy, chocolaty and minty. Plus, it’s green.

2. Grasshopper

The creamy Brandy Milk Punch just has a handful of simple ingredients – brandy, milk, nutmeg, sugar and vanilla extract.

3. Brandy Milk Punch

The red rum drink is just as popular today as when sailors originally slurped the drink in glasses shaped like hurricane lamps.

4. Hurricane

Though not invented in New Orleans, the French 75 is one of the most popular New Orleans cocktails.

5. French 75

Absinthe, the drink’s primary ingredient, packs a wallop with ABVs as high as 70%. As for its neon green color, seeing is believing.

6. Absinthe Frappe

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