20 Best Food Cities in the US

We’re loud and proud about our appreciation for food in the USA.

We love it all from Cubanos in Florida to Poke in Hawaii. And don’t even get us started about our love for Hamburgers and Pizza.

When it comes to food, some American cities stand above the rest. These cities tend to have mature food cultures as opposed to being famous for just one special dish. 

Los Angeles


Food trucks are literally everywhere in Los Angeles, bringing new meaning to the concept of a movable feast.


Las Vegas

Food travelers could easily visit Las Vegas without gambling and still have a great time. They could also eat well without leaving the strip.



Let’s start with sandwiches. Philly has wonderful Roast Pork Sandwiches and loaded Hoagies that are equally if not more satisfying than Cheesesteaks.



From food trucks to fine dining, most Portland eateries incorporate local, seasonal ingredients into their offerings with a passion that borders on obsession.


Seattle is one of the artisan coffee movement’s founding cities. Coffee shops like Victrola and Analog serve great grinds all over the city.


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