15 of the Best Venice Restaurants, Cafes and Markets

Wondering where to eat in Venice Italy? Famous for both its canals as well as its food, Venice has great places to eat hidden among a veritable sea of tourist traps.

Check out this Venice Food Guide with our picks for the very best Venice restaurants, cafes, and markets.

To be clear – dining at Venetian restaurants isn’t cheap. The city’s restaurants skew high in price for Europe, and the city’s handful of Michelin-starred restaurants cost even more.

Osteria La Zucca


Popular with traveling Vegetarians, Osteria La Zucca offers a selection of veggie dishes as well as dishes suitable for their carnivorous friends.


Venice Icon – Harry’s Bar

Anyone can enter, anyone can sit at the bar, anyone can order off the classic Venetian menu and anyone can sit in the bar’s tiny art deco dining room.


Acqua e Mais

Acqua e Mais specializes in Venice street food. Owner/Chef Alvose Tiozzo channels tradition with both acqua (water) and mais (corn) but seafood is the star of the show here.


Antico Forno

Crowds swarm Antico Forno to order thick pizzaccia and thin pizza slices all day every day. And who can blame them? Pizza is one of the most popular foods in Italy if not the world.

Venice Gelaterias

We’re pleased to report that Venice is a great destination for gelato fans and has artisanal gelaterias all over the city.


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