14 Amsterdam Food Favorites You Will Love

Are you wondering what to eat in Amsterdam during your first trip to the DAM?

Finding the best Amsterdam sites isn’t challenging for those with a plan, but even intrepid travelers often find it difficult to find great food in Amsterdam.

Don’t feel stressed about what to eat in Amsterdam. Instead, book an Amsterdam food tour and read on to learn our Amsterdam food tips.

Stamppot - Mash Pot


You can eat Stamppot as a comforting side dish or pair it with sausage for a complete Dutch dinner. Though it may be a challenge, try to save room for dessert.

Rijsttafel - Rice Table

A Rijsttafel meal involves a colorful parade of little plates that fill the table first and the belly later. In fact, the Dutch word Rijsttafel translates to ‘rice table’.


Dim Sum

More than a dozen local restaurants serve the fun style of Cantonese cuisine known for steamed dumplings and other savory treats.


Patat Friet

Plan to eat patat friet as an afternoon snack or after a night at the bars. Pick your toppings while you wait in an inevitable queue.


Appeltaart - Apple Pie

The appeltaart is notable for its crunchy crust and a chunky apple filling flavored with spices like cinnamon cardamom and nutmeg.


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