12 of the Best Barcelona Restaurants and Cafes

We’re finally confident to release a list of Barcelona restaurants that we love though it’s a list that we’ll continue to update.

Some of our favorite restaurants serve cheap eats while others are temples of molecular gastronomy.

Read on to discover our favorite Barcelona restaurants plus a handful of ideal spots for dessert.

Bodega La Puntual


Bodega La Puntual has taken some different iterations over the years. The menu offers the kind of typical fare that makes for a great dinner in Barcelona.


Parking Pizza

Make no mistake. Parking Pizza isn’t fancy. But who cares about fancy when eating pizzas with toppings like burrata, spicy sobradada and black truffle.


Xurreria Trebol

This xurreria sells skinny churros, chubby churros, and churros stuffed with an assortment of fillings like dulce de leche and melmelada de préssec.


Candela Canela

It’s a small space that’s big enough for a range of buns to be baked in the back and specialty coffee to be brewed up front.


We found a happy place filled with all sorts of chocolate – chocolate cake, chocolate bars, and drinking chocolate just to name a few.


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