10 London Food Favorites You Will Love

London has an outstanding culinary scene with thousands of restaurants and markets in neighborhoods throughout the city.

London is literally located in the center of the world with a food scene that reflects this position and makes it one of the world’s most exciting food cities.

With a little planning, you can eat well in London whether you have a day or week in the city. We recommend that you start your culinary exploration with the following London food favorites.

Fish & Chips

Popular as a cheap lunch or late-night snack, this London food favorite is as relevant today as it was more than a hundred years ago.


Sunday Roast

Traditionally eaten after church on a Sunday afternoon with family, traditional Sunday Roast includes a variety of roasted meats plus sides like roasted potatoes and Yorkshire Pudding.


Full English Breakfast

Filled with tasty treats like bacon, fried eggs, fried mushrooms, baked beans, and black pudding, the traditional morning meal isn’t appropriate for vegetarians or calorie counters.



Boiled in water and baked at high temperatures, London beigels pair well with salt beef and smoked salmon.


Indian Food

The city is filled with Indian eateries from humble curry houses to fancy restaurants with options ranging from traditional Indian cuisine to dishes.


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