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Traveling with Friends

How do you travel together? We ask this question frequently to couples on the cusp of long-term romance. To us, you cannot be truly in love’s blissful arms without successfully navigating first the country and then the globe.

We’ve heard the horror stories – disagreements marring what should be a glorious sojourn through the romantic alleys of Rome’s Trastevere neighborhood. Disappointment and discord through the electric streetscapes of Tokyo. Complaints about food in Spain.

A pivotal point in our relationship occurred when we discovered that we travel well together. We discovered this on a long weekend road trip to South Carolina after just a couple months of dating. This wasn’t a given, as we’ve both had less than stellar travel experiences with other people.

Fast forward to the present. We’ve been on many, many trips over the past eight years. Some as close as Harrisburg/Hershey and some as far away as China and Japan. One could even say that we’ve perfected the art of traveling as a couple.
But how would this translate to traveling with another couple?

We’ve dabbled in traveling with other couples, once for a long weekend trip to Montreal and also on various camping trips. Travel can be such a personal experience and can seal lifetime friendships.

Traveling with Friends in New Orleans

This past November, we embarked on a grand experiment of traveling with friends again, and this time on a trip long enough to warrant an airplane ride. We journeyed on a Thanksgiving trip to New Orleans with good friends Heidi and Karl.

Karl and Heidi on a New Orleans Street Car Traveling with Friends
Karl and Heidi on a New Orleans Street Car

We’ve been to New Orleans before, both together as 2foodtrippers and separately before we met. Since it’s no secret that we love decadent, flavorful food, it should be no surprise that we adore New Orleans.

On this most recent New Orleans trip, we enjoyed three days of food and drink with our friends and then spent a final day on our own. The next articles will include highlights of our trip – from hot dogs to fried chicken to po boys to fine dining. We’re getting hungry just remembering about it now.

New Orleans Food from Hot Dogs to Fried Chicken to Po Boys to a Fine Dining
New Orleans Food from Hot Dogs to Fried Chicken to Po Boys to Fine Dining

Oh, as far as traveling with friends goes, this trip was a roaring success. We enjoyed a perfect balance of together time and independent time. We ate lots of great food and drank many cocktails.

2foodtrippers - Happy Travelers in New Orleans
2foodtrippers – Happy Travelers in New Orleans

Who would complain about that? Not us.

About the Authors

About the Authors

Daryl & Mindi Hirsch

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Wednesday 12th of March 2014

Good times indeed! We had such a great time traveling with you and look forward to doing it again soon. Cheers!