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Through the Heart of the Atlantic

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It always happens this way when we fly. We enter the plane, exhausted and eager to sleep. Sleep comes easy for us, even in the world of coach travel. And, just as relaxation takes over and we drift into dreamland, the flight attendant wakes us up to offer a choice of chicken or beef cannelloni.

Through the Heart of the Atlantic

Great! We think that we’ve conquered the world of air travel. We’ve slept through what we thought would be an interminable trip through the skies. Then we look at the clock and realize that there are five more hours to fly. Sleep does not return so easily. The chicken is as mediocre as airline chicken can be, which is to say that the only thing halfway appetizing is the overcooked Mexican rice on the side.

We force ourselves to soldier on, knowing that magical sites await on the other side of the Atlantic ocean. Suddenly, our plane is less than 1,000 miles away from Heathrow Airport.

Through the Heart of the Atlantic

Our goals for the brief time in London are simple and few. We plan to visit the Borough Market, a cornucopia of food just around the corner from the Tate Modern Museum of Art. We also plan to visit pubs for beers and classic British fare as well as a sampling of what we hear to be the best Indian food outside of India. We will visit the aforementioned Tate Modern, spend time with friends and walk.

Originally, we planned for London to be the only stop on this particular journey. Since the thirst for adventure through food and travel at 2foodtrippers never ends, that plan changed. France called, and we answered.

We have a new and expanded plan. After our two day stint in London, we will board the Eurostar (also known as the Chunnel train) for Paris. After a quick metro connection, we’ll take a TGV train to Lyon. Immediately after leaving the second train, we’ll pick up a rental car and explore the roads of the French Alps and the Savoie as we drive to the lakeside city of Annecy.

Needless to say, cheese will be eaten, and wine will be sipped. From there, we’re off to the rolling hills of Burgundy and Beaujolais before our final days and nights in Lyon. More cheese will be eaten, and more wine will be sipped.

We will eat and drink at markets, cafes, bouchons and one three-star Michelin restaurant. We’ll sleep at hotels, a farm and a winery. We’ll also peer through the heart of the French countryside into the heartland of European culture.

Are we there yet?

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  1. I visited the Tate museum when I was in London in 1998. It is wild! I stayed with a friend who is a Brit and she, of course, took me to her local fish & chip shop. I wasn’t keen on putting vinegar on my chips and when she visited me in Philly, she wasn’t keen on putting ketchup on her fries. But we both decided to be good sports and tried it. I also took a train trip up to Liverpool to see the Beatles Experience. It was pretty cool. Sue lives outside of London in Stoke on Trent where Wedgwood is made. So I came home with some really great pieces. Enjoy your time in London!

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