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Daryl and the iPads

The Technology of Travel

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We admit it. We are frugal travelers, but we’re not true budget travelers anymore. Gone are the days when it was cool to spend $2 for a no-frills room in a Thai guesthouse or below market for a lumpy bed at the Days Inn in Asheville.

This being said, we have recently splurged on iPads to use on our upcoming trip and beyond. We figured that the iPads would be easier to carry than our laptops. Plus, blogging on our smartphones just doesn’t appeal. It’s just been a week since the purchase, and we’re already hooked.

We’ve been trying travel applications. Here are some favorites so far:

Favorite Travel Applications

Airport HD – We haven’t gotten to use this app for real yet, but it looks pretty cool. We’ll be flying through five different airports in the coming weeks, so it will be key to have information about our flights and the airports all in one place.

Booking.com– We have booked hotel reservations through this website in the past, and we used the app to book one hotel for this trip. It’s very user-friendly. We would use it more, but we’re staying at mostly smaller, independent hotels that are not part of this service while in France.

Currency – We have been visiting this app daily to see the fluctuating Euro’s impact on the cost of our trip. Fingers crossed that the dollar will get stronger before we leave on the 19th

Michelin Guide – For just $10, we got the electronic Michelin France Red Guide. This seems quite a steal since the hard copy book retails for $29.99. This app includes restaurant info, reviews, mapping and web links. We have made one dinner reservation using the guide so far. And, yes, we are splurging on a three-star dinner near Beaune. The guide has many inexpensive options too.

Tourist – This travel app for Wikitravel has lots of information about destinations everywhere. The bonus is that you can view saved sites to read while offline.

TripAdvisor – We have been using the TripAdvisor website for years. The mostly unbiased hotel advice is invaluable, and we have found amazing hotels through this site. Our favorite find so far has been the Red Tree House in Mexico City, a wonderful B&B that was not listed in all of our travel guides at the time of our visit. We’ll surely access the site through the app.

There are several packing apps out there. We’re not convinced of the value, so we downloaded uPackingListFree to see if this type of app is worth buying.

Times have definitely changed. Even though we procured some old school travel books through the Philadelphia Free Library and Amazon, we will mostly rely on e-books and apps going forward. We will learn about new apps and travel technology as we go. Updates to follow…

Travel Technology

The Technology of Travel

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  1. You have done your homeswork well. It won’t be long now before you both will be on your way. I wish I could be there in person to give a hug goodbye,

  2. Great list. Beware of TripIt – it tripped us up going from London to Paris recently and cost us $800 due to a technical error.

  3. Finally you two have a blog! Can’t wait to see what you post. Make sure you remind us on FB.
    Have fun and eats lot’s of chocolate for me:)

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