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What It’s Like To Eat At Tasca Baldracca In Lisbon

See what it’s like to eat at Tasca Baldracca, one of the most exciting new restaurants in Lisbon. Our restaurant review includes photos from multiple meals as well as practical information.

Dining Room at Tasca Baldracca in Lisbon
Located in Lisbon’s Mouraria neighborhood, Tasca Baldracca serves sophisticated food in an ultra casual dining space.

In a town that’s been lacking a solid middle ground between luxury and lunch pail dining, Tasca Baldracca epitomizes the kind of restaurant where we love to eat. With its smattering of four-top tables and a funky black and white stenciled mural, this tasca (tavern) feels more like a hip, modern dive bar than a culinary temple.

But don’t be deceived. The food and service at Tasca Baldracca are both top notch.

Despite its seemingly simple atmosphere, Tasca Baldracca’s three Brazilian owners have serious chops. Pedro Monteiro honed his skills at Taberna Sal Grosso, Via Graça and Fábrica da Musa in Lisbon while Bruno Gama was a go-to kitchen specialist for Lisbon’s ubiquitous Chef Kiko. Then there’s Octavio Delmonte who brings big-time Spanish chops from his experience in kitchens in both Northern Spain and Costa Brava including a stint at Cellar de Can Roca in Girona.

Pedro Monteiro and Bruno Gama at Tasca Baldracca in Lisbon
Pedro Monteiro and Bruno Gama (along with Octavio Delmonte – not pictured) are making a major statement in Lisbon’s food scene. They hold court most afternoons and evenings at their restaurant, Tasca Baldracca.

With the trio buzzing around the dining room while carefully keeping their eyes on the kitchen, their experience and dedication to serving excellent food are both impossible to miss. However, it all came together for us when Daryl recently wandered by Tasca Baldraca on an unusually hot Lisbon afternoon.

Monteiro, who was holding court with his cohorts that hot day, took time to chat. He shared that he’s lived in Lisbon for nearly a decade and has had a front row seat to the evolution of Lisbon’s dining scene. For him and his partners, this tasca is an extension of their nearby home.

Octopus Galego at Tasca Baldracca in Lisbon
The Polvo à Galego (Spanish Octopus) at Tasca Baldracca is one of the best octopus dishes we’ve eaten in Lisbon – and we’ve eaten a lot of octopus dishes in Lisbon.

Food At Tasca Baldracca

Tasca Baldracca serves excellent versions of Portuguese classics with little twists from Brazil. We’ve rarely eaten better Polvo (octopus) and, considering the general excellence of the cephalopod served everywhere in Lisbon, that’s quite a feat.

The tasca also serves an outstanding Arroz de Pato (duck rice) with a crunchy caramelized bottom, nicely fried yet rich Moelhas (gizzards), a daily selection of fresh fish and a version of Lamb Tartare that tartare-obsessed individuals (i. e. Mindi) can’t resist.

Lamb Tartare at Tasca Baldracca in Lisbon
Mindi loved this version of Lamb Tartare at Tasca Baldracca. Daryl liked it too.

We often skip the selection of bread and spreads that define the typical Portuguese couvert. These bites typically involve a small charge and don’t add meaningful value to the dining experience. This isn’t the case at Tasca Baldracca.

During our initial visit, the opening bites featured a lip-smacking wine-spiked chicken liver pate and fried olives. Artisan bread from Lisbon’s Millstone Sourdough provided an ideal platform for those goodies. In recent visits, the chicken liver pate has been replaced with an excellent spiced cream cheese but we say bring back the pate!

Thoughts About Tasca Baldracca

Couvert at Tasca Baldracca in Lisbon
The couvert at Tasca Baldracca features artisan bread and small house made bites.

Tasca Baldracca’s owners make us feel like honored guests every time we break bread at their crowded, popular space. Sometimes, they take a few minutes to share an after dinner drink with us. If you’re lucky, they’ll do the same with you.

We often wonder how long new restaurants will continue offering family-focused hospitality as they evolve past their ‘newness’ into a state of maturity. However, we’re not particularly concerned about the future of Tasca Baldracca or its neighbor Velho Eurico. Both are a new breed of Lisbon tacscas and both have bright futures that we’ll be watching with close eyes.

Tasca Baldracca is located at R. das Farinhas 1, 1100-177 Lisboa, Portugal.

Arroz de Pato Duck Rice at Tasca Baldracca in Lisbon
The Arroz de Pato at Tasca Baldracca is a crispy bowl of yum.

Tasca Baldracca FAQs

What’s the best way to secure a reservation at Tasca Baldracca?

Reservations are a must at Tasca Baldracca. You can email the restaurant at to reserve a table. If you live in Lisbon or are staying nearby, you can alternatively stop by in person to request a reservation.

How much does a meal at Tasca Baldracca cost?

Tasca Baldracca’s a la carte menu is moderately priced. At the time of our most recent visit, plate prices ranged from 5.50€ to 13€. As always, prices are subject to change.

Is tipping necessary at Tasca Baldraca?

No. Tipping is optional in Portugal.

What’s the dress code at Tasca Baldracca?

Tasca Baldracca doesn’t have a dress code. Feel free to wear whatever makes you happy.

What’s the best way to get to Tasca Baldracca?

Depending on where you’re located in Lisbon, you can walk or take a bus, metro, car share or taxi. We typically walk up the stairs from Baixa to Mouraria, which takes us less than 5 minutes.

How many plates should I order?

The restaurant recommends four dishes for two people. We agree with this recommendation though you can order more or less depending on your appetite and budget.

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We self-funded our multiple meals at Tasca Baldraca.

Original Publication Date: July 11, 2022