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Street Food in London

England’s capital city celebrates its multiculturalism in the best way possible – through its food. Contributor Joss Comber shares some great tips for eating street food in London.

Meat Pies - Street Food in London England

London is one of the greatest cities in the world, with so much to see, so much to do and so much to eat!

If you’re planning a trip to London, then you’ll want to cover all bases and, of course, that’s so much easier to do if you make a list of essentials before you travel. London is a little too big to explore by foot, especially if you want to eat bagels on Brick Lane and nibble your way through the city’s best food markets.

Borough Market Food Stand in London England
Eating is fun at London’s Borough Market.

To see all the sights and eat the best street food in London, you’ll need to hop on the Tube. Get yourself a map and an Oyster card and you’ll be set. It is a good idea to also get a small belt bag to put all your gadgets in safely and avoid getting them stolen by pickpocketers.

However, to be on the safe side, it is always a good idea to take out holiday travel insurance. This will not only protect your gadgets but also will take care of any medical bills you may have to pay.

Hotels in London are notoriously expensive and rooms tend to be on the small side, so check out dedicated websites such as One Fine Stay if you want to find a great place to stay in a central location at an affordable price.

Now, onto the food!

Where to Eat Street Food in London

Street Food in London England
Who says that street food isn’t good food?

The streets of London may contain a plethora of fine-dining establishments, but nowadays all the cool kids are feasting on fun, fresh and delicious London street food. Here are just a few of the best street food outlets you simply must try on your next trip to London.

Kimchinary – Kerb Camden Market

I always think street food should be innovative and offer something a little bit out of the ordinary, don’t you? Kimchinary, which serves Korean burritos and Korean tacos, sure fits the bill.

Kimchinary is the brainchild of Hanna Söderlund, who has been serving up burritos from a converted 1970’s electric milk float, since 2013. Hanna fills her burritos with such delights as kimchi fried rice, slow braised brisket and pulled pork. Find Kimchinary at Kerb Camden Market, which boasts London’s greatest line up of street food.

More information:

Club Mexicana – Camden Lock Market and Various Locations

Mexican food is my total weakness. If there’s a Mexican option on the menu, I’ll take it. Nachos, Enchiladas, Tacos and burritos, I love them all.

Club Mexicana is definitely on my list for when I next visit London. With a 100% vegan menu, which is wonderfully strange and innovative, Club Mexicana aims to convert even the biggest meat eater to its fresh, vegan food. I, for one, cannot wait to try the BBQ pulled jackfruit. Find Club Mexicana at Camden Lock Market and various other locations throughout London.

More information:

Bleecker Street Burger – Old Spitalfields Market

All this wildly innovative food is all well and good, but sometimes all you want to eat is a good old-fashioned burger, right? Well, my friend, let me introduce you to Bleecker Street Burger.

The crème de la crème of all the street food burger joints, if you stop here for a quick bite, you won’t be disappointed. I recommend you try the Bleecker Black and the Angry Fries, for a true Bleecker treat!

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This article was written by guest contributor Joss Comber.

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Original Publication Date: February 27, 2017

Rhonda Albom

Sunday 5th of March 2017

I have been to London a few times, but never to any of the areas that you name. In fact, I don't remember eating any street food. Actually, no particular food comes to mind. Mexican food is also my weakness, so that will be my first stop next time. .

Daryl and Mindi Hirsch

Sunday 5th of March 2017

It's amazing how the London food scene has evolved at every price point. We'll be back next month and look forward to trying new food while we're there.


Monday 27th of February 2017

I am always looking for recommendations. Thank you for adding links too! This is good info!