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Sometimes movies incorporate our two favorite topics – food and travel

We saw a screening of Chef before it opened in the theaters. The movie centers around Chef Carl Casper (played by Jon Favreau) who is going through a bit of a mid-life / career crisis.

Stuck in a comfortable yet dead-end job as chef de cuisine at a successful restaurant where he has no true culinary control, Casper has a public meltdown that takes him and us on a literal and figurative journey across the country on, of all things, a food truck.

Jon Favreau and Emjay Anthony in Chef

Jon Favreau and Emjay Anthony in Chef

In addition to starring in the movie, Favreau is also the writer and director. He really captures the essence of a maturing chef who is grasping for a return to his early success.

The cast features John Leguizamo, Bobby Cannavale, Emjay Anthony, Dustin Hoffman, Oliver Platt and Sofia Vergara. Two of Favreau’s Iron Man cohorts, Scarlett Johansson and Robert Downey Jr., have small but pivotal roles.

We were skeptical about the movie before we saw the screening, but we were optimistic based on the cast. As it turns out, we really enjoyed the movie. In fact, it hit many of our buttons – food, travel, personal relationship and social media.


If you’ve seen any commercials or trailers, then you already know that Chef involves food. A lot of it. Having been on both sides of many restaurants and a few food trucks, we were surprised by how much the movie gets right.

The kitchen scenes have an authentic feel, which makes sense considering that Roy Choi is a Producer of the movie. It makes even more sense if you stay for the movie’s closing credits, which you should.


We knew the movie would be about food. We were pleasantly surprised that the movie features one of our other passions – travel. Set in Los Angeles but with stops in Miami, New Orleans and Austin, the movie is inspiring us to plan our own road trip using the same route. Plus, we’ve been craving beignets from cheap eats in New Orleans ever since we saw the movie.

Personal Relationships

There are lots of movies about food these days. Food is downright hot.

There have been movies about road trips going back to the days of black and white film. However, it’s unusual for one movie to combine food and travel with fully developed personal relationships.

In addition to the expected romantic relationship, Chef addresses relationships between colleagues and friends. The father/son relationship especially rang true.

Between the well-written script and the excellent cast, we were fully engaged by the interactions among the different characters as well as with their crises and their search for happiness.

Social Media

A major theme in the movie involves social media. Twitter and its subsidiary Vine are practically main characters.

Even though we totally related to much of it, especially the early scenes involving Casper’s introduction to Twitter, we thought it went a bit too far. We were both reminded of the usage of the AOL tagline You’ve Got Mail in the movie of that same name.

To us, it was too much. We get it. They bought in.

Scene from Chef with John Leguizamo, Emjay Anthony and Jon Favreau

Scene from Chef with John Leguizamo, Emjay Anthony and Jon Favreau

We recommend the movie Chef. It’s a well-rounded film about characters with whom we can relate. The food and travel scenes are an added bonus. It goes over the top with the tweeting Twitter birds, but it’s overall a solid film.

Pro Tip: Enjoy dinner after seeing this movie about food and travel. You’ll want to discuss the film over a good meal.

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