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Oakland Breakfast

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Every Oakland Breakfast should feature local California produce and Acme bread. At least they would if we were in charge.

As much as we love restaurant meals while traveling, there’s a lot to be said for a homemade meal made with local products. We were thrilled to enjoy an Oakland breakfast after a great night’s sleep at our friends’ Oakland Victorian house.

Our friend Marilia put together a lovely breakfast after her husband, Al, left for work. She used local fruits and local products to create a delicious breakfast for our last morning in California.

Scones and Blueberries Oakland Breakfast

Scones and Blueberries

Most of the breakfast items were purchased at the Berkeley Bowl, an amazing independent supermarket in nearby Berkeley. Even the blueberries and yogurt tasted better than what we normally eat in Philadelphia.

Blueberries and Yogurt Oakland Breakfast

Blueberries and Yogurt

We love Acme Bread. How thoughtful that Marilia remembered. Interestingly, she served the bread with a lemon. Hmm.

Acme Bread and ... a Lemon Oakland Breakfast

Acme Bread and … a Lemon

Okay, the lemon was really for the papaya.

Fresh Papaya Oakland Breakfast

Fresh Papaya

The figs didn’t need any citrus assistance.

Fresh Figs Oakland Breakfast

Fresh Figs

After the satisfying breakfast, we spent a little outdoor time before leaving for the airport. We love the fruits and flowers in the backyard. Apparently, the bees do too.

Oakland Flowers

Oakland Flowers

Did we mention that Marilia is a wonderful artist? She is lucky that Al set up a great studio for her in the backyard.

Backyard Artist Studio Oakland

Backyard Artist Studio

Light and airy, it’s a great space to create art.

Inside the Studio Oakland

Inside the Studio

Even the flowers in the studio look like art.

Flowers in the Mirror Oakland

Flowers in the Mirror

We left for the airport with just enough time to stop at Acme Bread in Berkeley for some bread for the road.

Acme Bread Oakland

Acme Bread

This bakery is a happy place.

Inside Acme Bread - A Happy Place Oakland

Inside Acme Bread – A Happy Place

We bought an olive boule to take home and enjoy later.

More Acme Bakery Bread Oakland

More Acme Bakery Bread

When we got to the airport, we found out that our flight was delayed. Though we weren’t thrilled by the news, we used the extra time to enjoy one last meal in terminal 3.

Once we decided on Chinese food, we skipped the standard food pre-made for the combination platters and had dishes prepared especially for us. It was worth the wait.

SFO Airport Meal Before the Long Flight Home

SFO Airport Meal Before the Long Flight Home

We came to California for a solstice wedding in the Sierras. One week and several excellent meals later, it was time to go home and back to work.

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