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Normal Food

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While making dinner plans with my mother-in-law this week, she requested that we go to a restaurant that serves normal food when we meet up for dinner tomorrow night.

Two days later, I’m still perplexed. What is “normal” food? Is it inexpensive food? Is it bland food? Is it non-ethnic food?

I clearly enjoy food. The tastier and more flavorful, the better. However, I don’t go overboard with food every day. Otherwise, I’d weigh 500 pounds and be living in the poor house.

During my recent trip to Dublin, I treated myself to a special meal at Chapter One. The meal was a highlight of the trip as well as one of the best meals I’ve had anywhere.

On this same trip, I grabbed a burger, fries and red lemonade at BōBō’s. This popular high-end fast food joint serves burgers made from credentialed beef.

Dubliner Burger

The Dubliner Burger with Beef Tomato, Iceberg Lettuce, Old Dubliner Cheddar Cheese, Fried Onion, Gherkins, Tomato Relish and Special Sauce

Also in Dublin, I went to Queen of Tarts for dessert and wine with my Philly friend Suzanne. We had read about the patisserie and were curious to check it out.

Desserts at Queen of Tarts in Dublin Ireland

Raspberry Meringue with Whipped Cream and Crushed Raspberries AND Queen of Chocolate Fudge Cake

Both BōBō’s and Queen of Tarts were recommended eateries. They both carried price tags below 20 Euros. The food was fine at each and would be considered “normal” by most people. None of the food was memorable though.

As much as I love a bargain, I respect value even more. The meal I ate at Chapter One incorporated innovatively prepared food with impeccable service. Yes, there were some unique ingredients. And, yes, the price tag was more than 20 Euros. But the meal at Chapter One is a meal that I will remember for a really long time. It was special.

In my value system, special trumps “normal”. I look forward to many more special meals. Hopefully, the next one will be with Daryl, my partner in crime and life. Then again, almost everything is special when we do it together.

BōBō’s is located at 22 Wexford St, Dublin 2, Ireland.

Chapter One is located at 18 – 19 Parnell Square, Dublin 1, Ireland.

Queen of Tarts is located atDame Street, Dublin 2, Ireland.

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  1. What is normal food? Great question. It seems nowadays that it has to be huge. Oh, and tasteless helps too! 🙁 Bugs me that desserts in particular seem to get that treatment in such a lot of establishments. Why do they look so fab too, and always taste so much of nothing?
    Anyway, thank you for your great reviews in my capital city. Looking forward to your return!

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