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New Phase, New Chicago

A New Phase, A New Chicago

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See why we returned to Chicago after a ten-year gap.

New Phase, New Chicago

We experienced Chicago as single travelers in the years before our wanderlust propelled us past the center of a city.

In those days, our travel was all about Chicago’s monolithic architecture and the reflections those buildings cast on the lake.

Daryl can still recall biking along the Great Lake shoreline in the midst of the summer, passing by the sunbathers and thinking about the multitude of reasons he didn’t live in America’s great Midwestern metropolis. The only Chicago meal that Mindi can remember is at a downtown Cheesecake Factory, of all places.

Back then, in our naïve and youthful days, Chicago cuisine was all about deep dish pizza and Chi-dogs. We knew who Charlie Trotter was, but we didn’t have the money to even think of eating at such a gastronomically bejeweled restaurant.

Fast forward to the present. We have explored a multitude of cities and have enjoyed many fine meals. We’ve been talking about returning to Chicago to explore the city in true 2foodtrippers fashion. As fate would have it, we are accepted into Bloghouse, which is being held in Chicago in just a few days.

It is time for 2foodtrippers to EAT CHICAGO!

We have two and a half days on our own to explore the Windy City before Bloghouse begins. As we sat on the airport tarmac awaiting our eventual departure, we had visions of the great food and coffee that will soon be consumed. Dinner reservations have been made. Lunch plans are being negotiated

We are here, and we’re ready to attack the city.

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