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Pizza at 50 Kalo in Naples Italy

Our Introduction to Pizza in Naples Italy

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We went to Naples Italy to eat the best pizza in the world. While there, we found the best pizza in Naples Italy and therefore the world. It’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it!

Best Pizza in Naples Italy

Our first pizza in Naples – Note the vibrant, fresh ingredients.

We had many reasons to visit Naples Italy, a real Italian city that’s filled with graffiti and history. Naples has more than its share of art and culture.

The city also has an impressive assortment of beautiful churches on almost every block, not to mention steaming Mount Vesuvius majestically situated in the blue Bay of Naples. As in the rest of Italy, there are a lot of fun things to do in Naples.

Who are we kidding? We went to Naples to eat pizza.

We can get excellent pizza without getting on an airplane. Of course, there’s great Neapolitan pizza in New York at Motorino and Kesté. And it’s not just Manhattan. We did a pizza crawl in Staten Island, the least heralded borough, a few years ago that blew our pizza-loving minds.

More importantly (at least to us), there’s world-class pizza in our home city of Philadelphia, with the closest Neapolitan style pizzeria located just two short blocks from our house.

As the birthplace of pizza, Naples has more than its fair share of pizzerias. But, really, would authentic pizza Napoli be that much better than the pizza that we eat at home? In other words, is the pizza in Naples really the best pizza in Italy?

Naturally skeptical but culinarily curious, we were literally compelled to go to Naples in our quest for a taste of the perfect pie.

A Taste of the Perfect Pie in Naples Italy

A Taste of the Perfect Pie

Upon our arrival in Naples and before we unpacked, we immediately enlisted the assistance of our gracious hotel host to help us plot out our pizza quest. We didn’t want to waste any time figuring out where to eat in Naples Italy. Nope – we wanted to hit one of the best pizzerias in Naples right away.

Mapping a Pizza Route in Naples Italy

Ken, our gracious Naples host, helped us to map out our route based on the pizza research that we did in advance.

Pro Tip: You need at least one night in Naples so you can visit multiple pizza shops. Click here to research the best rates for hotels in Naples Italy and here to find an Airbnb apartment.

Enough Already, How Was the Pizza???

We ate a lot of pizza during our time in Naples, and we didn’t have one bad pie. Not one. It’s fair to say that the worst pizza in Naples is better than most pizza anywhere else in the world.

For us, though, two Naples Italy pizza restaurants stood head and shoulder above the others as having the best pizza in Napoli.

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The Best Pizza in Naples Italy

Without further adieu, we present our favorites (Cue the drum roll…)

Pizzaria La Notizia

Pizzeria La Notizia in Naples Italy

Pizzaria La Notizia – Bustling at 10:00 on a Tuesday Night

Not messing around, we ate our very first meal in Naples at Pizzaria La Notizia.

Even though we were jet lagged from the three flights that had transported us eight time zones and almost 6,000 miles that very day, we ignored the recommendation for “perfectly good” pizza right near our hotel. (Sorry Ken!)

Instead, we journeyed to the pizzeria in Napoli helmed by Enzo Coccia, a self-proclaimed pizzaiolo and world-renowned pizza expert. This journey involved a walk plus subway and bus rides past the Vomero neighborhood. We arrived at Pizzaria La Notizia Naples, tired and hungry, to a 30-minute wait. We looked at each other and wondered if our trip had been worth the extra effort.

We peeked through the window and saw a room full of casual yet stylish locals happily eating and drinking. As we waited on the sidewalk with a small crowd of romantic couples and cheerful families, the initial signs were certainly favorable.

It was when we went inside, though, that we knew that we were in the right place.

Was it the tantalizing aroma of Italian pizza wafting in the air? Was it the genuinely warm greeting that we received from Enzo himself and every member of his staff?

 Enzo Coccia in Naples Italy

Warm and welcoming, Pizzaria La Notizia pizzaiolo Enzo Coccia poses with Daryl during an impromptu tour of the pizzeria located past Naples’ Vomero neighborhood.

Was it the tour of the tiny kitchen with the domed brick oven before we were seated in a prime location right next to the kitchen?

Domed Pizza Oven at Pizzaria La Notizia in Naples Italy

Domed Pizza Oven at Pizzeria La Notizia – Where the Magic Happens

Or was it the generous pour of local wine?

Red Wine Naples Italy

You can’t go wrong with house wine in Naples. This red was an ideal pairing for our pizza.

No. It came down to one thing and one thing only. And that was the pure and total bliss that we experienced when we bit into food made by a true pizza master.

Mindi Eats Pizza in Naples Italy

Mindi Experiencing Bliss at Pizzaria La Notizia

We devoured a bruschetta, a pizza, and a calzone. Each dish was artfully crafted utilizing the freshest available local ingredients which, thanks to its extraordinary volcanic terroir, gives Naples a home team advantage in the international food league.

Only in Naples will you find basil the size of shiso leaves and sweet, bright red tomatoes that taste like they’ve been kissed by the sun.

As good as the pizza was, the calzone was a revelation – a puffy torpedo of goodness featuring creamy buffalo ricotta covered with fatty strutto, a Neapolitan form of cured lard.

Bruschetta in Naples Italy

We expected a small appetizer when we ordered bruschetta as a starter. Instead, we got a large pie topped with fresh, local ingredients like olive oil, red peppers, prosciutto and basil leaves. And, yes, the basil leaves really were that big.

Cutting into Pizza in Naples Italy

Our excitement built as we cut into our first pizza in Naples.

Calzone in Naples Italy

The Calzone con Cigoli with Ricotta di Buffala and Strutto at Pizzaria la Notizia.

We ended the meal by chatting with Enzo. He doesn’t speak perfect English, and we barely speak any Italian. Somehow, though, we communicated with the language of pizza. As we left the restaurant and jumped into a taxi, we looked at each other and smiled. Yes, the trip to Pizzeria La Notizia had definitely been worth the journey.

Pizzaria La Notizia is located at Via Michelangelo da Caravaggio, 53-55, 80126 Napoli, Italy.

50 Kalò

Relatively new, 50 Kalò is located in an elegant building in the ritzy Mergellina neighborhood. There’s a large dining room with a pizza oven right smack in the middle of the room and also outdoor seating which is where we sat. Since we arrived for a late lunch, there was no wait for a table perfectly positioned for prime people-watching.

50 Kalo in Naples Italy

50 Kalo – Naples Pizzeria Serving up World Class Pizza in a Trendy Setting

We ordered wine, as one is pretty much required to do at every meal in Naples, and wondered how the pizza would taste. We weren’t too sure if perhaps the restaurant was too refined to serve up good pizza. Would this be yet another case of style over substance? Before too long, we had our pizza and our answer.

Caserta Black Pork Salami and Squash Blossoms at 50 Kalo in Naples Italy

This pizza at 50 Kalo is topped with Caserta Black Pork Salami and Squash Blossoms.

The pizza at 50 Kalò is the real deal.

The pies are made with purposefully sourced local ingredients like organic extra virgin olive oil from Don Alfonso 1890 as well as the best available cheese, tomatoes, meat and fish from local producers.

But it’s what Ciro Salvo does with these ingredients that makes the pizza so special. His pillowy crust creates a perfect base for these wonderful ingredients. In other words, the pizza tastes good. Really good. Really, really good.

50 Kalò is located at Piazza Sannazaro, 201B, 80122 Napoli, Italy.

Old School Napoli Pizza Shops

You can’t leave the city without trying at least one historic Napoli Italy pizza shop. We recommend either Da Michele or Sorbillo for their affordable but tasty takes on Neapolitan pizza, plus they’re two of the most famous pizza shops in Italy.

If you have limited time, skip the long wait (2+ hours!) at L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele and instead go for pizza at one of the many pizzerias on Via Dei Tribunali. We especially liked the pie with salty anchovies at Pizzeria Gino Sorbillo.

Pie at Pizzeria Gino Sorbillo in Naples Italy

Although not a final contender for the best pizza in the world, the pie at Pizzeria Gino Sorbillo is excellent by normal pizza standards.

L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele is located at Via Cesare Sersale, 1/3, 80139 Napoli, Italy.
Pizzeria Gino Sorbillo is located at Via dei Tribunali, 32, 80138 Napoli, Italy.

And the Best Pizza Place in Naples is…

Both Pizzaria La Notizia and 50 Kalò are serving up amazing pizzas. We can’t pick just one winner for the Naples Best Pizza award, and that’s okay. Trust us. Go to Naples soon, and go there hungry.

Naples Pizza Guide

Take your Naples pizza journey to the next level with our Naples Pizza Guide! This guide features all of the pizzerias in this article plus more.

Hungry for even more pizza? Check out our epic pizza feast at Pepe in Grani in nearby Caiazzo.

Research Naples Hotels

Have we convinced you to visit Naples and eat all the pizza? Click here to research the best rates for hotels in Naples Italy. Ore, if you want access to a kitchen, click here to find an Airbnb apartment.

Book a Naples Food Tour

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      We’re spending the entire month of January in Naples – stay tuned for lots more tips and delicious food photos.

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