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16 Easy Summer Cocktails

Summertime is the best time to make and drink refreshing summer cocktails at home. Check out our recipes for 16 easy summer cocktails with a global twist and craft one today.

Caipirinha Cocktail Recipe - Social IMG

Things are exciting right now. Travel is returning and the world is in emerging from a pandemic.

And to this… we say CHEERS.

White Port and Tonic Cocktail with Mint and Orange on Lisbon Ledge
This is one view from our Lisbon apartment.

Last year wasn’t a total bust. Instead of sticking our heads in the sand, we flexed our kitchen muscles by learning how to cook Asian cuisine. We also had fun exploring the sites and streets in our current home town of Lisbon.

And that’s not all. One of the best things we did was to travel around the world vicariously by making and drinking cocktails with a global twist.

Yes, we spent a full year in Portugal eating Chinese food and drinking refreshing cocktails from around the world.

Summer Is for Cocktails

White Port and Tonic Cocktail and Tram
And this is the view on the street outside our apartment building.

Inspiration hit us after we crafted our first Porto Tonico, the popular Portuguese cocktail made with white port and tonic water.

We quickly realized that we love creating easy cocktail recipes that don’t involve a lot of steps or require a lot of time. Five is our max when it comes to both ingredients and minutes!

FYI, we don’t count ice as an ingredient. Our Recipes = Our Rules.

Since we don’t like cleaning a mess, using a blender isn’t a necessity. Seriously, who wants to wash a blender when you could be watching a lingering sunset instead?

Pro Tip
Avoid extra work by ordering complicated but fun summer cocktails at outside bars that offer adequate social distancing. We include Piña Colada, Frozen Strawberry Margarita and Long Island Iced Tea cocktails in this category.

The Best Summer Cocktails

Mojito Mise en Place
Summer cocktails should be easy to make and taste like… summer. Pictured here are the ingredients we used to make Mojitos in our home kitchen.

The best summer cocktails will make your summer extra hot while cooling you down from the inside out. Beyond liquor, ingredients include wholesome items like fresh lime juice and simple syrup.

It’s a given that summer drinks should taste great. They should also be easy to make at home with a minimal amount of equipment and ingredients.

Discover the 10 necessary bar tools for lazy mixologists.

Our Top Summer Sippers

Eureka Cocktail at Tales & Spirits in Amsterdam
We drank this unique Negroni in Amsterdam last summer. This year, we’re drinking simpler summer cocktails at home.

Our top summer sippers will take you around the world to countries like Brazil, France, Italy, Cuba, Mexico and the UK. Not surprisingly, we feature a drink from our home base of Portugal too.

If you’re looking for a spritz or sangria recipe, you won’t find that here. You can find those drink recipes somewhere else.

Crafting a French 75
Crafting summer cocktails is fun and the results are tasty.

Instead, we’ve included classic cocktails like the Daiquiri and Mojito as well as more exotic Mauresque and Porto Tonico cocktails. It’s our own personal list of the best summer cocktails to make at home for lazy mixologists like us.

Pro Tip
Not sure which summer cocktail to make first? Choose based on your favorite liquor whether it’s rum, gin, cachaça or tequila.

Make one cocktail or make ten. There’s no rush. You have all summer.

Our Favorite Easy Summer Cocktails

About the Authors

About the Authors

Daryl & Mindi Hirsch

Saveur Magazine’s BEST TRAVEL BLOG award winners Daryl and Mindi Hirsch share their culinary travel experiences and recipes on the 2foodtrippers website and YouTube. The married Food and Travel content creators live in Lisbon, Portugal.


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Original Publication Date: June 28, 2020