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Coffee and Brunch in Harrisburg

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If your travels take to or by Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, don’t worry, you won’t go hungry.  There is good food and coffee to be found in Pennsylvania’s capital city.

During our recent weekend visit, we hit up the original Little Amps Coffee Roaster for coffee and then went to Home 231 for brunch.  It was our kind of Sunday eating, albeit not in our normal Philadelphia backyard.

Coffee at Little Amps Coffee Roasters in Harrisburg

We found Little Amps Coffee Roasters in the historic, gentrifying Olde Uptown neighborhood.  It’s easy to find large coffee chains almost everywhere, but finding a good coffee-house takes a little more effort.  To us, it’s important to make the extra effort for quality coffee, even when we’re traveling.

Outside Little Amps Coffee Harrisburg

Outside Little Amps

Little Amps opened in 2011 as an independent coffee shop and record store.  The hip atmosphere reminded us of coffee shops that we frequent in Philadelphia with a unique musical twist.

Inside Little Amps Coffee Harrisburg

Inside Little Amps

We ordered our coffees and watched as the barista handcrafted them.

Making the Pourover at Little Amps Coffee Harrisburg

Making the Pourover at Little Amps

Daryl enjoyed his pourover coffee, while Mindi savored her cappuccino. Both cups were good to the last drops.

Enjoying Coffee at Little Amps Coffee Harrisburg

Enjoying Coffee at Little Amps

Little Amps Coffee Roasters is located at 1836 Green Street, Harrisburg, PA 17102, United States.

Brunch at Home 231 in Harrisburg

After getting sufficiently caffeinated, we headed over to Home 231 for brunch.  Home 231 is located just a mile away in a residential downtown Harrisburg neighborhood.  The restaurant serves locally sourced, seasonal food in a comfortable atmosphere.

Home 231 Brunch Harrisburg

Home 231

We started our brunch with some drinks.  Not surprisingly, Mindi ordered a spicy bloody mary which happened to be made with pepper-infused vodka.  When house-made doughnuts with three dipping sauces magically appeared at our table, we couldn’t say no to the hot, sugary nuggets of fried dough.

Starters at Home 231 Brunch Harrisburg

Starters at Home 231

As we added to our coffee buzz with Philadelphia’s own La Colombe, we dug into the food.  Daryl had hangar steak and eggs served with hash browns.  Mindi had the pan scrambled eggs with breakfast sausage, spinach, roasted mushrooms, cheddar cheese and a side of fresh fruit salad.

Brunch at Home 231 Brunch Harrisburg

Brunch at Home 231

To complete the meal, our hosts ordered a skillet of cornbread for the table to share.

Skillet Cornbread Brunch Harrisburg

Skillet Cornbread

We’re spoiled by good food and coffee in Philadelphia.  It’s good to know that two hours away, the same can be found in Harrisburg.

Home 231 is located at 231 North Street, Harrisburg, PA 17101, United States.

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Disclosure: The brunch was provided by Visit Hershey & Harrisburg as part of our participation in the Fall Cornucopia Media Weekend.  The coffee was on our dime.  As always, all opinions expressed are completely our own.

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  1. I love Little Amps! There is also one located 2 blocks from the Pennsylvania Capital on State Street.

    1. You are lucky to have two Little Amps locations near you! We would be regulars if they were near us.

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