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A Taste of Quebec in Philadelphia – Unibroue Beer Brunch at Local 44

In Philadelphia, Wine and Beverage by Daryl & Mindi Hirsch2 Comments

We don’t know what came first – our love for Quebec or our love for Unibroue beer. In many ways, the two are intertwined. We even have a favorite pub in Montreal that serves Unibroue beer on tap. We love the intense flavors created by the brewery’s traditional yet innovative bottle fermentation process. Fruity, spicy and complex all at the same time, Unibroue beer packs a flavorful wallop in each and every bottle.

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Time Travel with Hot Dogs

In Philadelphia by Daryl & Mindi Hirsch4 Comments

Having grown up in 1970s suburbia, we both have fond childhood memories involving hot dogs. Philadelphia’s dog haven, Hot Diggity, recently transported us deep into our memory banks, taking us to curious new (old?) hot dog territory.

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Noord Eetcafe – Going Dutch in Philadelphia

In Americas, Philadelphia, Restaurants by Daryl & Mindi Hirsch4 Comments

Scandinavian food is hot right now. There are Maaemo in Oslo and Noma in Copenhagen. Closer to home are San Francisco’s Plaj and New York’s Aquavit. Until recently, Philadelphia was behind on this culinary curve. Not so any more, as Chef Joncarl Lachman has brought the Netherlands to the city of brotherly love with his relatively new Noord Eetcafe.