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The Best Armenian and Georgian Cuisine during the Summer

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The South Caucasus is a paradise for gourmets with its array of bright, spicy dishes that make their mark throughout the year. If you’re curious about Armenian and Georgian cuisine for an upcoming visit, read on to find out the best dishes to try during the summer.

Traditional Armenian Dishes for the Summer

Armenian Cuisine - Khorovats

Khorovats (Photo provided by Jeorg Sahakyan)

Armenia, a small, hospitable country in the South Caucasus, has an exciting food culture. In fact, the Armenian national cuisine is a constituent part of the country’s culture and has played a huge role in preserving the country’s ancient traditions. Armenians pass culinary traditions from generation to generation as part of their special heritage.

Thanks to a generous amount of sunlight and fertile lands, Armenian fruit is famous for its aroma and sweetness. The country has a range of seasonal fruits and berries including strawberries, cherries and apricots in the early summer. Peaches, watermelons, melons, figs and grapes fill the markets in the mid to late summer months.

Tan, a popular and refreshing summer drink, is made with matsoni (Armenian yogurt). Some Armenians drink tan year round – it’s that good.

Armenians serve khorovats, a form of local barbecue generally featuring bone-in lamb or pork skewers, at summer picnics.  The Khorovats festival occurs in mid-August and features versions of the grilled meat skewers from different regions in Armenia. At Lake Sevan, a favorite Armenian summer destination, people eat fish dishes like trout and whitefish khorovats along the lakefront.

Armenian - Summer Dolma

Summer Dolma (Photo provided by Jeorg Sahakyan)

Dolma is yet another tasty popular summer dish in Armenia. Locals prepare dolma from vegetables (eggplant, pepper and tomato) and stuff them with minced meat.

You can visit Armenia and taste authentic Armenian cuisine by contacting a local tour agency and booking a gastronomic or summer tour. These types of tours are a great way to try Armenian food in its home country.

Traditional Georgian Dishes for the Summer

Georgian Cuisine - Chakapuli

Chakapuli (Photo provided by Jeorg Sahakyan)

The best thing about Georgian cuisine during the summer may be the vegetables that are added to almost every dish. In the summer months, cooks serve vegetable stews both with and without meat. For example, ajapsandali, a traditional stew typically made with eggplant, is prepared with either potatoes or with meat.

When you visit Georgia in the summer, be sure to try Pkhali, a vegetable pâté seasoned with walnuts, onions and spices. This dish is made with spinach, asparagus and cabbage. You should also try Chakapuli made with local ingredients like lamb, plum and greens.

Georgian Cuisine - Eggplant with Nuts

Eggplant with Nuts (Photo provided by Jeorg Sahakyan)

Eggplant is an important component in Georgian cuisine. Georgians prepare eggplant with nuts as a light snack by wrapping garlic inside a thin, fried eggplant and adding a tasty nut sauce. Locals eat this cold snack with pomegranate and greens.

Armenia isn’t the only country in the South Caucasus with great fruit. Georgian fruits to try during the summer include local cherries, medlars, strawberries, cherry plums and mulberries. In Georgia, August is the best month for fruit like watermelons, melons, peaches, nectarines, plums, apples and grapes.

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  1. Caucasian cuisine has long been famous for its dishes .It is rich in its flavor-for example, traditional stewed meat, usually made from eggplant, is prepared either with potatoes or with meat.

  2. My visit to Georgia and Armenia lately, gave me a huge experience. The chance to try their different traditional food was for me a practical reality. Local drinks were also very tasty.

  3. During a tourist trip to Armenia I was full of the taste of fruits of this Sunny and hospitable country. Believe me that this flavor and taste of fruit I have not eaten in any country.

  4. Armenian cuisine is really amazing. When I was there, our guide told us how it differs from others. First, the taste of food can not be spoiled by Armenian spices, the taste can spoil, only not fresh ingredients. Secondly, fresh herbs are often used as spices. Thirdly, Armenians are stuffing everything in the world. Eggplants, zucchini or pumpkin, tomatoes, peppers, onions, potatoes, various kinds of meat, fish, apples, quinces, and even melons.

  5. Hello
    Every cuisine has got it`s especial dignities. And this cuisine is not the exclusion. Armenian and georgian barbecues are extraordinary delicious, i think they are the best cooked.

  6. I like to taste spicy Armenias dishes. Everybody knows that Armenian fruits are very sweet. Most of all I prefer apricots. Talking about popular summer dish it is Dolma. I can prepare it and I do it very often.

  7. Only returned from a trip from Armenia and Georgia. I liked it very much. Many beautiful places visited. Delicious cuisine. Next year we plan once again on such a tour, not everyone looked!)))

  8. I have never visited Armenia or Georgia, however, this food is motivation enough!

  9. Traditional Armenian cuisine is simply delicious. My trips to Armenia are frequent and the reason is not only the dishes but also the country is rich in nature, which is rare meet in other countries.

  10. In Armenia and Georgia, the most delicious, juicy, soft and fresh shish kebabs in the whole world are made! (= _). And of course, the price for them is not that big. Order to the salted meat, and be sure to try the kebab lub!

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