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A New York Quickie

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New York is close to Philadelphia, so we often head up the turnpike for a New York quickie. What can we say? We love NYC!

Hotel Room View - Night New York Quickie

We have been to New York City many times. In fact, one of us (Mindi) lived in the Big Apple for most of the 90s. Even so, each visit is different because the city is such a dynamic place.

We recently visited NYC for a very short and busy trip. Short, as in way less than 24 hours. Busy because Daryl was working for much of the visit. We still managed to have fun and eat good NYC food, i.e. bagels.

Since Daryl was working, we stayed at nicer digs than normal – The Standard Hotel. In addition to its trendy location right by the High Line in the meatpacking district, the rooms are quite comfortable and have excellent city views.

Hotel Room View - Day New York Quickie

Hotel Room View

Daryl in the Standard Hotel Room - New York Quickie

Daryl in the Hotel Room

Mindi in the Standard Hotel Room - New York Quickie

Mindi in the Hotel Room

Outside of the Standard Hotel New York Quickie

Outside of the Standard Hotel

After doing our own things that night (Daryl working / Mindi meeting up with family and then enjoying a glass of wine at Barbuto), we had a few hours in the morning to walk along the high line, walk through the Chelsea Market and grab bagels with nova at Murray’s. We had just enough time to drink coffee at Ninth Street Espresso, people watch and randomly meet Top Chef winner Richard Blais. Only in New York!

Chelsea Market Entrance New York Quickie

Chelsea Market Entrance

Coffee Break Chelsea Market New York Quickie

Coffee Break

Tourist Breakfast at the Chelsea Market New York Quickie

Tourist Breakfast at the Market

Top Chef Encounter New York Quickie

Top Chef Encounter

High Line People New York Quickie

High Line People

High Line Man

High Line Man

Murray's Bagels New York Quickie

Murray’s Bagels

Philadelphia is just a couple hours away by car, bus and train. So we will be back – again and again and again.

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  1. What? You didn’t mention the diner we met at on the Upper West Side? Just kidding, love your photos and description of the best city in the world.

  2. Some good shots here, I really like the man on the highline! Takes me back to my 3 months in the big apple 🙂

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