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Prior to meeting in 2006, we used to travel solo. However, for the last seven years, we’ve been traveling together except for business trips. We diverged this past month when we each took a solo tip.

Daryl went to Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Traveling Solo

Las Vegas Traveling Solo

And Mindi went to Dublin.

Dublin Traveling Solo


People, including close family, were perplexed that we would travel solo at this point since we are such a great traveling team. It’s as if they forgot the ten week backpacking trip in Southeast Asia (Mindi) or the trip to Western Europe that resulted in a badly broken arm and a never-ending wanderlust (Daryl).

Despite these reactions and our own trepidations, the solo trips went swimmingly. We each missed our partner in foodtripping crime, but we had fun on our separate trips.

The posts in the coming weeks will feature the two foodtrippers writing on a solo basis. Of course, there will be pictures of delicious foods. Some things never change.

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      Dublin was awesome. You should definitely add Ireland to your travel list.

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