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Shopping on Tokyo’s Kappabashi Street 合羽橋

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Shopping on Kappabashi Street was a highlight of our visit to Tokyo. This street is a mandatory destination for anybody who loves food as much as we do.

Kappabashi Street is a great Tokyo street to shop for knives, chopsticks, pottery and more. It's the perfect place to buy an awesome knife.

Welcome to Kappabashi Street Tokyo Japan

A large, moustached chef atop a corner building welcomed us to Kappabashi Street – an extraordinary shopping mecca where tourists, home cooks and chefs shop for all kinds of pottery, kitchen tools and gadgets. You name it and it’s here, from cutlery to chopsticks to skewers to Japanese specialty cookware. The choices abound with a myriad of colors, shapes and unique Japanese flair.

We strolled along the street, perusing the 150+ shops filled with everything and anything for the home kitchen and restaurant.  The variety and selection are truly overwhelming.

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What to Buy on Kappabashi Street

The selection of pottery on Kappabashi Street is overwhelming in a good way. It would be impossible to walk down the street without finding at least one piece to buy. We bought a few special pieces at Tousyougama, a shop that stood out for the distinctive style of its pottery selection.

Pottery Spills into the Street Kappabashi Street Tokyo Japan

Pottery Spills into the Street

Random Pottery Shop Kappabashi Street Tokyo Japan

Random Pottery Shop

A Plethora of Pottery Kappabashi Street Tokyo Japan

A Plethora of Pottery

Pottery Plates Kappabashi Street Tokyo Japan

Pottery Plates

Pottery Bowls Kappabashi Street Tokyo Japan

Pottery Bowls

There are lots of chopsticks.

Chopsticks Kappabashi Street Tokyo Japan


In fact, there are walls of chopsticks.

Chopstick Wall Kappabashi Street Tokyo Japan

Chopstick Wall

Interestingly, you can buy all types of fake, plastic food intended for restaurants to use for enticing customers with visual examples. We were intrigued by the diversity (sushi, spaghetti, sundaes, etc.) not to mention the high prices for faux food.

Pasta Anyone? Kappabashi Street Tokyo Japan

Pasta Anyone?

How about Dessert? Kappabashi Street Tokyo Japan

How about Dessert?

Some shops cater to caterers.

Serving Toothpicks Kappabashi Street Tokyo Japan

Serving Toothpicks

Colorful Baskets Kappabashi Street Tokyo Japan

Colorful Baskets

Other shops have tools for the takoyaki chef.  We were tempted but knew that carrying something this heavy half way around the world didn’t make sense.

Takoyaki Pan Kappabashi Street Tokyo Japan

Takoyaki Pan

Knife Shopping on Kappabashi Street

The best part of Kappabashi Street, at least for us, was the excellent knife selection. We knew right away that Kama-Asa was the real deal. Apparently, it’s the oldest kitchen utensil store in Tokyo. The store’s service was excellent, and the knives were both plentiful and reasonably priced.

Beautiful Knives Kappabashi Street Tokyo Japan

Beautiful Knives

More Beautiful Knives Kappabashi Street Tokyo Japan

More Beautiful Knives

Daryl with the Chosen Knife and the Helpful Sales Associate Kappabashi Street Tokyo Japan

Daryl with the Chosen Knife and the Helpful Sales Associate

Once we made our purchase, an on-site artisan engraved Daryl’s name on the knife.

Knife Engraver Kappabashi Street Tokyo Japan

Knife Engraver

Our only regret is just buying one knife. Next time, we will buy another.  Maybe we’ll even have it engraved with Mindi’s name.

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  1. Thank you for such a detailed post on the items you can find in Kappabashi. I am headed to japan next year and will definitely being going past this

    1. Author

      Tokyo has everything – even a street for kitchen goods. We love it too!

    1. Author

      San Francisco would be a good place to learn how to use chop sticks, just saying…

    1. Author

      Tokyo seems to do everything to the extreme. Kappabashi Street is no exception.

    1. Author

      We were blown away by the extremes in Tokyo from the technology, to the sports, to the cuisine and even to the shopping. What a city!

  2. I’m about to go to Kappabashi too, so this post was really helpful!
    However, I was wondering – which kind of knife did you buy and at what price?
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Author

      We bought a knife made for the store Kama-Asa. It was only 65 yen, which included a free engraving. Three years later, and we use the knife at home often and are very satisfied with it. The store also sells specialty knives geared more for chefs, though these knives are more expensive.

  3. Just out of. Uriosity, how did you get the knife home? It is not TSA friendly, and I am afraid of theft in checked bags…

    1. Author

      We packed the knife in our suitcase and had no problem with the TSA or theft. Good luck if you pack one as well!

  4. The Tousyougama pottery looks quite creative. It’s no wonder you took home a few pieces and, of course, the engraved knife.

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