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Next Stop Tokyo! Just like Punxsutawney Phil, we are ready to embrace spring. We pulled the trigger and booked an April trip to Tokyo where pleasant weather and cherry blossoms hopefully await.

Ramen - Philadelphia Style Next Stop Tokyo

Ramen – Philadelphia Style

Why Tokyo? We picked Tokyo as a destination for so many reasons. It’s a modern, global city with cutting edge art and design. It’s walkable. The shopping looks fun. There are even hot springs.

But, most of all, Tokyo is a world-class food city on the level of Paris and New York.

We are already salivating over the potential meals of sushi, ramen, soba and tempura. We’re scoping out sushi joints, izakayas, department store food halls, fine French restaurants and the Tsukiji fish market.

Our flight leaves two months from tomorrow, which should give us plenty of time to research the multitude of food options. Our heads are spinning in a good way.

Yesterday, after we booked hotel rooms in two different Tokyo neighborhoods plus a ryokan in Hakone, we kicked off our food planning over dinner at Nom Nom Ramen in Philadelphia. We dreamed of our Tokyo meals as we ate the savory soup chock full of Hakata style noodles, vegetables and pork belly.

Let the planning begin!


  1. Tokyo has amazing food! Let me know if you would like any specific restaurant or other recommendations.

    1. Any restaurant recommendations would be very appreciated. We love all types of food. We have a reservation at Florilège so far. Thanks!

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