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Nikkei Cuisine at The Fusion Bar & Restaurant

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Since Japan and Italy have special spots in our hearts, we can’t wait to try Nikkei cuisine at Gallery Hotel Art’s The Fusion Bar & Restaurant in Florence Italy. Nikkei cuisine combines Japanese and Peruvian ingredients to create colorful dishes with an emphasis on seafood.

Lungarno Collection Fusion Bar Pin
Lungarno Collection Fusion Bar

Stylish Place Setting at Gallery Hotel Art’s The Fusion Bar & Restaurant in Florence, Italy – Photo Courtesy of the Lungarno Collection.

As we approach the end of our time in Southeast Asia, we are excited for two things that loom ahead – Japan and Italy. We will be in Japan next month, at which time we plan to eat as much raw fish as possible. Yes, sushi, we’re coming for you!

Though we adore the food in Vietnam, there’s nothing like Japanese food with its emphasis on clean flavors and beautiful aesthetics. We will surely be eating Japanese food in Japan, but now we also want to eat this favorite cuisine in Italy as well.

Nikkei Cuisine at The Fusion Bar & Restaurant

It turns out that Florence’s stylish Gallery Hotel Art has a restaurant where acclaimed Chefs Peter Brunel and Gilberto Vannini are creating artistic foods that combine Japanese techniques and Peruvian flavors in innovative dishes like sushi tapas with a Mediterranean twist. Already popular in cities like Lima and Barcelona, Nikkei cuisine now has a home in Florence Italy.

Teeming with art starting with Michelangelo’s David and spilling all over the city, Florence is a magical city. After a day of sightseeing in Florence, perhaps we’ll order the WOW menu inspired by Simone D’Auria’s fanciful art display along with a tasty cocktail or two. Or maybe we’ll just drink some local wine with our dinner. Either way, we can’t wait to experience Nikkei cuisine and the world’s best art both in the same day.

Feeling hungry? Read more about The Fusion Bar and Restaurant here and make your reservations now.

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  1. Florence , the centre of the Renaissance and an enchanting city is an ideal setting for fusion of Japanese and Italian cuisine , I am sure it holds the promise of something classy and elegant.

  2. This does sound awesome, and it’s in the perfect location. You’ll have to walk by it anyways, so might as well have something tasty and fun!

  3. Wow, this looks like a superb and interesting meal. I love the colours, so much so it looks more like a work of art than something I’d eat! And I can totally see why, as foodies, Japan and Italy have a special place in your heart. There really are no better places to eat

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